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Front Desk Staff 
David Clonts
personal trainer, class instructor, owner/maintenance man

David works hard to keep his club the premier fitness center in Villa Rica. He is always looking for a way to make Xpress Fitness and the services it provides better and contemporary for his members. He is a personal trainer at the gym and you can find more info about training with him on his page. David also teaches ab class and leg blaster. He coaches and plays on the Xpress Fitness Softball team. David went to the University of Georgia and majored in graphic design ... he actually used that major when he designed this website.
Shana Lafitte
front desk manager, sales, promotions, hustler

Shana is back at XF! Shana is a hard working and always willing to help! Feel free to ask her if you ever need anything whether she looks busy or not ... she's happiest when doing about 8 things at once!
Jenn Burgwald
Sales, Nursery, Straight Shooter

Jenn has worked on and off at XF for many years. She is a world traveler and avid reader.  She also will live up to her reputation and give it to you how she sees it.  Don't ask if you don't want to hear it! ​
Brandy Woodsmall
Sales, Nursery, Best staff swimmer

Brandy has been a familar face at XF for a while and works both the front desk and nursery.  She's a hardworker and is hoping to become even more of a presence at the gym!
Krista Marshall
sales, promotions, nursery

Krista has made the move to the front desk and is killing it! You won't meet a nicer person in the gym! She is always glad to help and works hard!
Aerobics Instructors
David Clonts
ab class and leg blaster

David will kick your butt (and his own) in his ab class. Ab Class is 30 minutes of non stop ab work targets your entire core. Some say he has the best music of all instructors ... he agrees with them.  Try his class today!
April Rich
yoga and hot yoga

April brings the much anticipated yoga class back to XF! She will help you gain flexibility, strength and serenity! Once you try it you won't stop taking it!
Taryn O'Dell
Leg Blaster, Ab Class, Bootcamp

Taryn has taken over leg blaster duties! Her class is fun and entertaining! You won't even realize how much you are getting out of it until its too late!
PL Miller
spin class

PL is a Les Miles Certified Spin Intructor. He does not limit his class to just a Les Miles program though. He has been instructing for a long time and likes to add variety in his classes. You will never have the same ride twice with him but you will get the same great results!
Erin Waldrop
zumba, zumba step and bootcamp

Erin bootcamp and Zumba and she's a big hit! She has been teaching in Villa Rica and has developed quite a following. Join her for a great workout!
Tracee Howard

Zumba is Tracee's happy place! She used Zumba as a means to help her on her weight loss journey and now she's returning the favor by helping others do the same. Tracee loves to mix traditional Zumba rhythms with hip hop, dancehall, and soca beats just to name a few!
Izzy Pinto
zumba and zumba glutes and core

Izzy is a great XF success story!  She has lost 85 lbs at Xpress Fitness!  She now strives to help others change their lives through fitness.  Her classes are fun and you will get results!
Jennifer Taylor
spin, kickboxing, pound, RIP

Jennifer began professionally in the fitness field as a Zumba and Silver Sneakers Instructor. She has taught a variety of group fitness classes over the years. She currently teaches Spin, Pound, RIP (strength class), and Kickboxing. She also enjoys strength training. Jennifer enjoys teaching women new to weight lifting all the benefits that can be obtain through strength training as well as the empowerment gained from it.
Elise Olinger
Mind Body Yoga

Elise has worked at XF in a variety of roles for the past few years.  She has always been an avid yoga lover and she is now teaching Mind Body yoga!  Her class will be challenging to even the most experienced yoga goer.  Try it out today!
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